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When I Fallin' in Love ...

God ...
When I find joy in a friend
Remind me that there would be an end
So I stay with the One who has no end

God ...
When I am hungry for someone to love
Find me the one who longs for Endless Love
So my longing to You is growing strong

God ...
If I should fall in love with someone
Find me the one who loves You, The One
So I’m getting stronger in loving You, The Only One

God ...
When I’m falling in love
Keep the love
Not to exceed my love to You

God ...
When I say ‘I love you’
Make me do it to whose heart gets captivated in You
So I never fall in love aside from the name of You

As what wise people say ...
To love someone is nothing
To be loved by someone is something
To be loved by someone you love is excitingBut to be loved by The Lover is everything

Inspired from the slide show of English lesson by Daddy Yusuf Al-Arief,
That words recently I read when I feel so blue, somehow them makes me calmer, And makes me decide to take a measure tread for my Love journey, what that? It calls ‘waiting’

As a woman, being so aggresive is not me, So I cut the gordian knot that a flirting woman easy to get couple, I’m try to be friendly with people 

okay Imma talkin’ bout my self, I’m just a girl with average face, average skills, not propertied and ...
I cant speak well in the front of boys, espesially someone I like.