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You know, Its hard to confess it directly.

My hearts just beating more slow when I tried to remember 
And this is, finally! Is this what you've been waiting for?
My sadness blooming. and the torns injured me so much.

You know it’s painful.


because of  you, 

I walk in this path and even when my dream disappeared, my mind is still told me that I must make you smile in the future.
This is so good, but worse at the same time. 
In a time, you’re my savior. you’re my life.
but you keep breaking me.
Why you threat me like this?


I'm confused.
everytime I told myself to be strong girl. 
I just dont know what to do. What should I do?
I ask that question with my tears on my face, you say that you will changed, will you really did that way?
I think I dont need to say goodbye after all of this.
little time passing by and we hurt each other, again. 

what was the reason why you did this to me? 
We still in silence. and I’m tired. I think letting you go is the best answer.

But no, yeah we have the same blood anyway.


Though i said i'd leave you, I just can say it in my lips.
My brain is always calling your name. 
l still be there, And I decided to give you another chance, even if I’m struggle with reminescence.

I found the reality that I’m lose with this feeling.

I'm come from you. 
We shared the same blood and thats why we will always together.


PS : Sorry if grammar/tenses/wrong words was anywhere. I'm learning though... ^^v this poem was made in my spare time. to be honest, i'm with dictionary. Heheh. So please forgive me if this is just like some kinderganten-tenses. My bad~ 
And one again, i'm write this when listening to GD-Heartbreaker, so it's have no relation about me with anybody. It's pure just a little notes inspired by some kpop song. Btw, at first the title of this post is 'dying messages' and then i think it again, it's creepy right? So I change it.
Jaaa, sayonara!